Top Reasons to Enter Mediation

  1. Cost: Litigation is usually more expensive and costs can easily spiral out of control. Mediation allows you to better manage costs.
  2. Self Determination: Litigation gives strangers (usually a judge) the power to make major decisions affecting your life. Mediation allows your to tailor a settlement that best meets your needs and those of your family.
  3. Privacy: Litigation usually requires the airing of your family’s “dirty laundry.” All disclosures made in mediation remain privileged and confidential by Court Rule.
  4. Dignity: Litigation can become extremely unpleasant and personal. Meditation allows you to retain your dignity.

What Does a Mediator Do?

  • Identifies the needs of each party to assist them in reaching their own settlement.
  • Helps parities assemble information sufficient to enable them to make informed decisions.
  • Allows parties to make own decisions.

What Doesn’t a Mediator Do?

  • Doesn’t act as a decision maker.
  • Doesn’t express an opinion about what he or she thinks may or may not be fair.
  • Doesn’t take sides.
  • Doesn’t act as an attorney or judge.